Sunday, July 02, 2006

Quite the sleepy girl I am!

I woke up around 4am and was planning to go back to bed after I turned all the lights out. I didn't get myself back to bed till about 10am and forget to reset my alarm so I didn't wake up till a little after 4pm!!!!! I was so tired I didn't get up and finally got up about 7pm! I have basically slept my day away . . . . . I was going to go to the mall to find me a new faceplate for my phone. I can still make it to the Mudhouse as they don't close till 11pm! Maybe I can stay up a little later tonight and get my house a little organized and go to bed about 3am and get up at 3pm and get ready for work. Ohhhhh . . . . I need to figure out everyone's total for the Mary Kay orders! Yikes! I have slept all weekend and not gotten anything done! I had better finish getting ready and hope that I am productive tonight! :-)

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