Monday, July 17, 2006

2peas blog challenge

I was 11 when I went to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. I don't remember the rides very well but the one ride that I remember was the ride inside Epcot ball. I remember that we were told that we were going to be going up 18 stories and thought that was cool and kinda scary at the same time!

Another ride I remember was on top of a building and it was airplanes. I don't think my parents liked that one to well. There was a button to control how high you could go and I guess my sister and I was keeping our airplane up kinda high! Which it was on top of a building to so we could see all of Disneyworld!

I remember that it did rain when we were at Epcot visiting the different countries and we ate meals at Germany, France and Japan. I will never forget the meal at Japan as we ordered yukatori (I probably spelled that wrong!) but we renamed it yuckatori! It wasn't a very good lunch.

I would really like to go back to Disneyworld someday as I am sure lots has changed since 1984!


Kristy said...

Great blog!

Kara said...

nice memory!

melissa said...

Doesn't Disney rock! I can't wait to go back..its been 6 years since I've been. thanks for doing the challenge!