Thursday, July 20, 2006

2peas blog challenge

The challenge for today is: List 5 things that put you in a good mood

1. Listening to music! I love listening to music and it always makes me feel better!! I try to listen to it often!

2. My new Sony Ericsson w600i cell phone! What I love about my new phone is the walkman and FM radio that is included in it! I sometimes will listen to music that I have uploaded to my phone on my break from work. :-)

3. My cats. They are always loveable and cute and always can make me smile!

4. Being outdoors (when the weather isn't so HOT!) and enjoying nature by taking in a hike at the nature center or going to a bike trail.

5. Hanging out with my nieces! We still need to get together to play in the fountain at Jordan Valley! Always fun times!


Sofia said...

I totally agree with #3. There is something so soothing about a purring cat on your lap and you just can't help but smile. :-)

melissa said...

awww kittys purring and being loveable can put any one in a good mood ;) great list!

amelia said...

I love music too! It can totally change my mood! Thanks for stopping by my site today!

Sarah said...

Oh I am SO jealous of your phone! :D So cool. Great list!!