Wednesday, July 26, 2006

School is almost over!!!

I can't wait except I still have my research paper, 2 concert reports, type up my fine arts report and studying for the final! I have to get this all done by 1700 on Thursday!!!! I was planning to work on my paper today but I was so tired from work that I slept from noon till 2330 tonight! I actually feel like going back to bed but I think I am going to at least type up my fine arts report before going back to bed. I hope that my research paper doesn't take me to long. YIKES!!!!!

I have a little less than 2 weeks till my vacation from work and I can't wait! My sister is going to be off a few of those days too so we are going to do some fun things together with my nieces!!! I can't wait! I hope that my nieces get to spend the night and they don't have that much going on and we can go play in the fountain at Jordan Valley! :-)

I think before I start in on my school work I am going to straighten things up in my kitchen! I can't wait till Thursday as I am going feel relaxed after school is out! :-) Better get busy . . . . . .

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