Thursday, July 06, 2006

A normal day?

I accidently slept ALL day yesterday and had some things I wanted to accomplish yesterday. I thought since I slept all day that I would be able to sleep last night but I did! I fell asleep around 0230 and woke up around 0900 without my alarm! I had my alarm set for 1100 just in case I didn't wake up with my alarm. I feel somewhat normal today!

Today I have a test in my Intro. to Music class and I have done all of the study guide except the essay question. I need to get that done this morning and print out my study guide to start memorizing it! I plan to get my allergy shots today and then go to the Mudhouse and study! I hope that we don't have all 5 hours of class tonight but it depends how much material there is for next weeks test! Last week we got out at 1 1/2 hours early and I was so glad! I had only had one hour of sleep since getting off from work that morning and kept falling asleep! I went home and fell asleep without meaning to and woke up at 0400 with all the lights on, still in my clothes and I still had my contacts in! Ohhhhh, I was tired!

This morning I have enjoyed slowly doing what I want. I have been enjoying my favorite tunes from my Napster account. I need to get in the shower so I can get dressed and take care of my garden and flowers. Then find the answer to the essay question and then print out my study guide and spend the rest of the day reading it! I had better get busy!

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