Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Less than 24 hours . . . . . . . .

till school will be over for me for 3 weeks!!! Here the day is almost over and I still haven't done anything towards homework! I am just not motivated but I am being forced to get things done now. I guess that will be my motivation!

I have trouble with my night shift schedule staying awake during the day. Today was no different! I actually got up around 0620 and got the trash out by the curb and was going to go back to bed but never did. I pondered around the house and then around 1230 I went and layed down to what was supposed to be for 30 minutes and then I woke up at 1630!!!!! So I finished getting ready, watered my garden and packed up my laptop and headed to the Mudhouse to get some work done.

I have to say I really enjoy my Napster account and I am currently listening to India Arie's new CD! I just love her style and really wish that I could have made it to St. Louis when she was having a FREE concert under the arch! Work got in the way. If I knew about this ahead of time I would have requested off. I am going to enjoy the tunes as I type up my fine arts report and do some needed research online! It will make it more enjoyable at least!

I took pictures of Chloe and Felix this morning. I am not sure where Pandora was for the photo shoot so I will have to get some new pictures of her soon. Pandora has learned she can sleep under my headboard of my bed and doesn't get bothered so I am guessing that was where she was at that moment! Chloe is getting fluffy again but her hair is still short compared to what it was before she got her lion cut. I really want to have there pictures professionally done and would like Chloe's hair to look like it used to so hopefully I can do that before Christmas and include them in cards! :-)

I had better get started with my homework so I am not here till midnight!

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