Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rockin' Sunday!

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned but it ended on a fun note!! A friend I hadn't seen in awhile called me - which I missed her first phone call. I got up early yesterday but decided to lay back down till my alarm went off at 10 am but slept through it till 1412!!! I was disappointed on seeing how late I woke up as I had a list of stuff to do. I went ahead and got showered and dressed to at least accomplish some of this list. I actually got none of it done but it was all good!!

I realized about 1600 that I had a missed call and a voice mail from my friend. I called and left her a voice mail and finished getting ready. When I was ready to leave the house, my phone rang and it was my friend! We ended up going out for a drink, dinner and a movie! She told me it was all on her as a graduation gift to me! We had drinks at Ruby Tuesday, dinner at the Olive Garden and then went and saw "Burn After Reading". That was a funny movie! Brad Pitt played an airhead guy and it cracked me up!! It was a great night!!

This morning I was woke up around 0630 as the puppy decided it was time to get up!! I got her out of her crate and put her on my bed. It was so cute as she laid on my bed wagging her tail! :-) I better not let her sleep with me too much as she will expect it! She was wanting to play! She had been sleeping longer since I got home kinda late so she had rested all she wanted! I decided I would enjoy me some Kid Rock this morning, blog and let Phoebe play! We are having a nice little morning! I don't plan to go back to bed so I can get on a somewhat normal schedule!

I would love to see Kid Rock in concert and wouldn't it be cool if he was playing in London when I was there!?!?! I saw that he is going to be in London on November 30th but I think he needs to move it up a bit!! :-)

The agenda today is to mow the yard!! I have been meaning to do this for a week! I like mowing it late at night about 1900 but it is too dark then. I can do the things I need during the day and then end it with mowing the lawn. I am going to start my day so I don't have to end it short by coming home to mow. I really hope that I don't have to mow it again till next year!

I also have intermediate puppy class today. I might fit in some shopping in between mowing and puppy class depending on what time it is. I really want to hang out at the Mudhouse today. I haven't done that in a long time! I need some time to review my paperwork for my trip as it is approaching rather quickly!! I want to make a list and a tentative schedule for myself. :-)

I am going to finish the LO I started at the crop Friday night and then it might be a better time to start mowing my yard!

I am off to enjoy the day!!!


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