Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

I had a fun New Years Eve and I forgot my camera!!!! I went to my sisters house and spent it with my sister and nieces. I brought the new games I had gotten for my nieces for Christmas and we played them. We played Wacky Word by Cranium and I also brought a puzzle type game about getting the hiker across the river. The hiker game seems to easy soo we decided that we must be missing a rule that would make it harder. Of course we didn't read the instructions!

We had decided to go to the clubhouse at the apartment. We were figuring out how to play Wacky Word and my sister needed to let her boyfriend in so she left for a little bit. Shortly after she left, security came into the clubhouse and told us we had to leave as it was after 10pm and the clubhouse closed at 10 pm. She wasn't a happy security officer either! So we gathered our stuff and meet my sister on the way back to her apartment. My sister thought it closed at 11pm - but I had the hours of the clubhouse stated to me so I now know!

We went back upstairs and played the game and then we weren't paying to much attention to the time. At 2359, Jasmine got all excited and had silly string ready to go! We got silly stringed and then we were cleaning it up. Jasmine was pouty in the kitchen and said, "I stayed up for this?" It made me laugh! She wasn't happy that we were having to clean the silly string up! But we hung out till about 0130 then I left and they went to bed.

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