Sunday, January 28, 2007


I got home from work this morning and was putting groceries away. I decided that I would open the blind to the back door to let some light in and two men were in my backyard just looking at my big tree that feel over! When they saw me, they went to the front yard and I found out they were with the cable company! I was so happy! It didn't take them long at all to get my cable working. I finally have TV to watch!

Today my parents are coming over and we are going to try to tackle the mess of tree limbs in my yard. It is a mess! The houses around me have already taken care of this but then there is me that doesn't have as much extra time and can't get the yard work done as quickly! Then after we can get this somewhat cleaned, I can call the tree guy to come take care of the rest. I am sure there is a waiting list!

Last night was Scrapjammies first online crop! It was much fun chatting on a conference chat and scrapping! I was having adhesive issues and started using glue. The glue was making my paper wrinkle which I don't like. I need to get some more adhesive! Felix had to be in the middle of the action as he loves to be! I took pictures of my scrappin' cat! I couldn't get my card reader that is built into my laptop to transfer pictures last night. I hope that something hasn't gotten broken!

I should get back to bed. I had went to bed with my laptop last night to watch a movie in my warm, cozy bed but fell asleep! I need to save my energy for tree cleanup! Then later doing homework!

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