Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to school

I started my winter term course today, "Diabetes Across the Lifespan." I find this class interesting and I know I picked up some new knowledge tonight! :-) I just love the teacher too! She has a fun personality and makes class interesting. I have a project due on Tuesday and all this reading to do. Yuck!

I am at the Mudhouse tonight just to chill and go over some of readings for class. Tonight for some reason, they somehow lost my drink order which happens every so often here. I went and told them and they told me that this always happens to you and you are one of our regular customers! I had to laugh and they even gave me a card for a free drink! :-) I love the Mudhouse!

My parents came over last weekend and helped me finish up some projects that we had started but I needed to buy some parts. I finally have my remote control system working in my ceiling fan in my bedroom again! Yeah! I just love it! I can now read in full light again all warm and cozy in my bed then turn the light off without getting out of my warm bed! I had been without light in my bedroom for almost 2 months so it is exciting to have light!

Anyway, I am thinking about heading home and doing some unfun stuff but I will finish it with the Sims2 so that will be a nice reward! :-)

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_bittersweet.rodrigo said...

Looks like an awesome game.