Monday, January 29, 2007

Making a dent . . .

in the tree limbs that have fallen in my yard. At least I have a few piles and a pile of firewood. I don't have a fireplace but I have firewood! My dad said that he is interested in the wood though. My parents were shocked at the mess at my house and told me that the pictures I took didn't do the mess justice! They told me that I was living in a destruction zone! I am glad that my Dad is able to help me with this mess. I still need to get a tree guy out here to take care of the tree that fell in the backyard and someone that is able to trim the limbs that are broken off but still attached. I need to get out and take more pictures in the morning - or whenever I get up!

I finally got my card reader that is built into my laptop working. All I had to do was restart my computer! Phew! I am including pictures of my scrappin' cat! :-)

I wasn't very productive with my homework. After my parents left, I was tired as I never did get back to bed after waking up at 5am. I fell asleep and woke up after 8pm! It is cold in my house and I don't have the motivation to get my homework done. :-) I really need to get done with my college algebra so I can ask questions in class if I don't understand something. I have a lot of reading to do in my other class. I might just get all curled up and read some of my theories and research stuff so I can do the discussion board.

I am trying to catch up with Days of Our Lives. I did end up missing one week and have on my DVR from soapnet all of last weeks episodes. There are some spots that I am unsure what has happened but I am sure I will figure it out!

I hope by the end of the week, my yard is starting to look somewhat normal!

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