Friday, February 02, 2007

Sneezy and cold day

I woke up with a stuffy nose this morning that quickly turned into an allergy attack! Finally, after my second dose of sudafed and a dose of claritin, the sneezing has slowed down. I hate day like this!

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon that I wasn't sure on how well it was going to go since I was sneezing. I was able to do okay and didn't sneeze when they were working on me. I learned that when they are spraying water in your mouth and you can't breathe through your nose, it isn't a good thing! I thought I was going to choke but she realized this in time and gave me the straw thing before that happened! I have a cool dentist and dental hygenist! :-) As long as they don't get the drill out, I don't mind visiting!

I got my taxes done today and getting a good return back this year. I am sure part of my return is going to go for tree removal. I do think one thing I would like is to get a desktop computer and sync my laptop and desktop. Then hopefully save the rest for homeowner mishaps that may come up! :-)

Maybe more later, but I need to get home to meet my sister. We are doing her taxes tonight!

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