Thursday, February 22, 2007

2peas challenge and a few thoughts of the morning

I haven't done a challenge on 2peas in quite some time but decided that I would today! The challenge is: When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up????

I have always wanted to be a nurse! I obtained my LPN in 1996 and kept going to school for prereq's for RN school and graduated with my RN in 2001. I had always had a goal to get my bachelors so I am currently working on my BSN and should be done in Spring 2008! It is so close and I can't wait! Then after accomplishing my BSN, I would love to take classes in regards to photography and graphic design. I don't want to get another degree as those are getting expensive but taking a few classes to get a better feel for these things I would thing would be fun.

A few thoughts of the morning:

I am tired and have to be at school for 8 hours today. I really hope that my teacher in my first class lets us out early so I can have a little lunch, otherwise, I will be in class for the whole 8 hours. At least I only have to go to the first class once a month and the rest of the time it is online. I am not sure I could do this once a week!

I have been stressing over this paper that is due on Monday that I am having difficulty finding articles for. I hope that she sheds some light today in class and that it will help me in finding articles.

I ended up doing the exam online last night for my theories and research class and it ended up taking me to long! I finally went to bed about 0330. I am sure I will be able to sleep good tonight!

Oh, and the tree issues that I have from the ice storm are quite frustrating. I had some guy come out to my house yesterday and gave me an estimate of $1200!!!!!!! I told him that I wanted to get other estimates but I have only gotten one other company to call me back and I am on the list which I was told could be at least 6 weeks. The tree is big but that is crazy!!

I have been excited about getting to have my nieces this weekend but they have all these activities that I have to take them to. It might not leave us that much fun time after all. One of my nieces is in the orchestra at school and she decided to sign up for something this weekend. And these activities lap over so I think my Mom is going to help me pick up one while I stay with the other.

I am excited about having time to scrapbook which I might just have to stop whatever studying I have and scrapbook! My nieces would enjoy doing that too. I got a magazine the other day, "Easy Patterns for scrapbooking" and would like to give some of them a try! I have noticed articles in the Creating Keepsakes magazine that do this and now there is a whole magazine filled with them! So fun!

Ohhh, and I am excited about watching Grey's Anatomy tonight!

Okay, enough with the thoughts. I have got to get ready for school! :-)

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