Friday, February 16, 2007

Surviving College Algebra

I had my first test yesterday and I felt pretty dumb! I don't understand the purpose of domain and range and the function of x. Why do I need to know these things? Ummmm . . . . . . I had quite a time with a few sections of the test but I finally asked a few questions and then a light bulb came on on how to do the function of x and the domain and range. I am sure me asking these questions helped my score and so instead of walking out of there felling dumb, I felt like I had a better chance on making a good score. She posted our grades fast! So, I ended up with an 84% so I am curious what I did wrong and hope that we get to see our test. I am happy with my grade but wish that I would have scored higher. I like having a bigger cushion if I get mind boggled on something later on.

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? Oh my! I wasn't quite expecting the ending and can't wait to see the conclusion! I didn't understand the two people at the end when Meredith was awake and said, "Am I dead?" On one of the MB I read, they said who those two people are. I am anxiously awaiting my next DVD from netflix for season 2. I am trying to get caught up to date so I can understand things a little better. I can't wait till next weeks episode! They can't kill off Meredith, she is the whole reason for the show!

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