Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Macy Gray!!!

I LOVE Macy Gray! She is my friend on myspace and I learned last year that she was coming out with a new album in the Spring. I went to her website tonight and the release date is March 27! That is also Jasmine's 10th birthday. I can't wait!

I have always loved her style but then after getting to go see her LIVE in St. Louis in August 2005 I totally dig her style! She is awesome in concert and would love to see her live again! I even caught a bottled water that she threw into the audience and still have that bottle of water! :-) I am getting excited about the new album! I just wish my town would play her music on the radio but that doesn't stop me from being a HUGE fan! :-)

I have been sitting in the Mudhouse tonight studying my College Algebra and trying to stay awake! I got a few hours of sleep today but I keep wanting to just go home and lay down but I have been fighting the temptation. At least until I get all the homework done and then I am going to start reviewing each section on the parts that aren't as clear to me as other parts seem so simple.

I had better get back to the studying, had to take a little break!

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