Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good news!!!!!

I was worried about my Theories and Research class because I thought that the discussion board was due on Saturday morning. I even set my alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night to do the assignment as it was due at 0800. I got it done about 0430 and went back to bed. Then I got to thinking that it might had been due on Friday at 0800. When I looked at the syllabus it was due Friday at 0800!!!! I thought this wasn't a good way to start out my class! But today when she posted the grades for the discussion board I got all my points!!!! YAY!!!!! I have a theory review paper due on Friday at 0800 and I need to somehow get to the library as I am to watch a CD on nursing theorist. Working night shift and getting to the library is a challenge. I had brought my planner to work last night so on my break I could fill it in. I got interrupted as admitting needed the charge nurse. There is no rest for the charge nurse!

I was planning to only sleep a few hours after getting off from work this morning but I ended up sleeping until midnight! I was hoping to get to the Mudhouse to sit in a warm place to get my homework done. I feel tired still so maybe I can get some sleep and wake up early and get all this stuff done that is due for my college algebra class and maybe get to the library before going to work. I have a vacation coming up at work and it can't come soon enough!!!

I am excited about this Friday as my sister and I are going to a crop at one of the scrapbook stores! I can't wait! I seem to get more done when I am not at home. Part of that reason right now is it's too cold in my house! I wish my house had energy sufficent windows but the cold just radiated from them making my house have a coolness feel to it. I am ready for some warmer weather! I hope after class on Thursday that I can start planning on what I am going to do at the crop! :-)

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