Monday, February 19, 2007


I am soooo excited about being off from work for 7 days! I know it will go fast but it will be nice to hopefully get some rest. Plus I get to spend time with my nieces! They are soooo cute!!!!!

I had made some phone calls last Friday about getting this tree taken out of my yard that fell over in the ice storm but having some problems with this. The first person I called has never called me back. The second person I called finally called back later that evening and then proceeded to tell me that he wouldn't be able to help me if he can't get a truck in my backyard. He did give me a number to call of someone he recommends that specialize in backyards. I need to call them plus I found two others in the phone book today that I might call too. I am sure these people are busy and I hope that they can get to me soon!

I am hoping to get Pandora and Chloe into the vet this week to get groomed. It has been a year since Chloe has been groomed and made into a lion kitty. Her hair is back now and I have been able to keep the tangles out of it. This will be the first time that I have had them bath her and she didn't have tangled hair. I am sure they will be glad that they just have to bath her. I think the experience of a lion kitty was interesting but hope that I never have to do that to her again! I will have to tackle Felix myself as he acts up so bad at the vets! They would want to sedate him so I will just handle him myself. I don't like them to sedate my cats for just a bath.

I have too much homework to get done this week though. I have a test due by Thursday online and I still need to work on my College Algebra homework. I also have a paper due in one week that I need to figure out how to start. I need to find 5 research articles on a nursing theorist. Yuck is what I say to that! My theories and research class hasn't been one of my faves.

I really hope to take a little time out of each day while on vacation for cleaning, scrapbooking and school. I am not going to try to get everything done in one day but just little doses. Sometimes when I start cleaning though, I keep cleaning! I guess if that happens, that would be okay! I think I am going to work on my college algebra and enjoy my napster tunes while sipping on ginger peach tea! Yum!

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