Saturday, February 10, 2007


I am sitting here in the Mudhouse working on my college algebra and getting inspired by the art on the wall. It is photography that has been taken in different parts of the world. Yum! I really think I want to pursue more in photography once I get done with my BSN. I am going to have to start saving for one of those cool digital SLR cameras. Ohhh, so exciting! I would love to travel and take pictures around the world!

Since getting back into scrapbooking the last couple of years has made me want to learn more about photography. One hobby can lead to another! I don't have the time to put into scrapbooking like I would like because of school and work but looking forward to when I graduate and I can do more of the things I want to do!

I also get inspired by some blogs regarding scrapbooking and photography . . . .

One that I really enjoy is rnjetta. She is an RN like me that enjoys scrapbooking. I find her layouts inspiring and glad that she removed the password protection on her blog so I can start reading it again!

I also get inspired by Elsie Flannigan which also lives in the same town I am in. I find this exciting because she will do classes at the LSS sometimes. She has been busy with traveling but I hope that she will be able to have some classes soon! I keep checking out the calendar at the LSS and hope I don't miss it!

I also love the multiple photo scrapbook blog. I have started a file on my computer of layouts I have seen on the web to hopefully scrap lift later.

My friends at scrapjammies also inspire me and they just started online crops with challenges. I didn't have the extra time to participate in the challenges but hope to be able to someday.

Here is a website of photographer Tara Whitney. I love her photos! She inspires me to learn more about photography. There are some other photographer blogs I had saved in my favorites before one of the computer crashes I had last year but can't find now.

I love sketches as it helps me figure out where to place things on a layout and pencil lines have sketches as does Becky Fleck's page maps.

I love freestyle book and the all about me book. I also have (somewhere!) Elsie's book of 52 challenges which I have somehow lost. I am not sure how I have misplaced it but I have. I hope I find it as I have it autographed! I also get inspiration from my Autumn Leaves calender and I am in a group on Yahoo! for calendar girls from 2 peas.
I am sure there is more that inspire me but this is what comes to mind at the moment!

I would like to make a scrapbook of my cats and how I came about getting each of them and there personalities. I got me some new pens today at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon that I would love to use! Maybe after I get my college algebra homework I will try to be inspired!
The Mudhouse is getting busy again. I am having trouble getting my homework done as I can't spread out on the small table I am sitting at. I believe I need to leave as I am not getting to much accomplished here! Just thinking about things that inspire me!

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