Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy day

My day didn't quite go as planned yesterday. While I was at the Mudhouse yesterday afternoon, my allergies started bothering me even more and I couldn't stop sneezing. Despite all the sneezing, I was trying to at least get the research done for my paper I need to start writing and then the internet quite working. So I packed up and did a few errands I had to get done before going back home. I hate it when I get into these sneezing fits as I don't get anything done! I didn't get the cleaning, my research or any scrapbooking done as I had hoped. I had a meeting at work today so I didn't get ready in a slow matter since I actually had to be somewhere. I like it when I can get up have a little breakfast, take my shower and then do things around the house. I won't get to do this tomorrow either as I have class all day. Yuck!

I have to get this research done today so I can start reading my articles and tomorrow when I have class she is going to talk about the paper and what she expects. I was really hoping to have my paper written and then only have to make changes with whatever tips she gives in class. I have my cute nieces Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I want to be able to spend fun time with them but I will have to set aside time everyday to work on my paper. My nieces might have homework to do also. I am sure they will work with me.

I keep thinking about what my nieces and I can do while they are with me. I have never had them for this long but I am excited about it! I guess I have to take Jasmine to her basketball game Saturday morning. I haven't made it to any of her games so I will have to remember to bring my camera! We have to be there by 1045 in the morning. I have a hard time getting us all ready to get somewhere. Three girls and one bathroom doesn't work very well! I hope that the weather stays warm this weekend and we will have to go to the park. I will have to think of some other things that we can do!

Yesterday, the tree guy that called me back that didn't want to give me an estimate gave my name and number out to another guy. He called me this morning and I was wondering how he got my number. The other guy didn't ask me if it was okay to give my number out but this guy told me that he would give me an estimate so I told him I wasn't going to be home this afternoon and I would be tomorrow either so he was going to stop by and look at the situation and write me up an estimate and leave information regarding his company. After I got done on the south side of town today, I decided to stop by my house on the way to the Mudhouse to see if he had been by but I didn't see anything. I am anxious to see what the estimate is going to be. A house nearby me was having work done and I thought I would get the number off there truck but by the time I got done at my house, they had left. It looked like they only used trucks though so they might not be able to do my yard. I am ready for this tree situation to be over with!

I am going to work on getting some of this research done and review my college algebra for tomorrow. :-)

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