Friday, February 09, 2007

Crazy week

I was looking forward to Friday as I was going to relax and enjoy myself plus go to a crop with my sister. Jasmine is ill so she is staying home with her and my allergies are bothering me plus I have had about 6 hours of sleep in the last two days. We cancelled the crop. I thought about going by myself but realized how I wasn't prepared to go so I decided to just get some rest instead.

I am currently sitting in the Mudhouse relaxing a little and need to come up with a game plan for my next assignments at school. I have my first college algebra test next week and these chapters don't seem to hard. I am sure soon I will be wanting to go back to these first few chapters! I also have another paper due in two weeks. I need to start figuring out what I need to get done for it. I had a paper due this morning at 8am and I had to write my personal thoughts on a nursing theorists regarding a CD-ROM that was at the library. I had a hard time getting to the library with the hours I work. Of course, I get it done the night before it is due! I set my alarm for 3am to get up and write out my thoughts of the theorist I listened to. I never could get back to sleep after that. Crazy!

My yard is starting to look a lot better thanks to my Dad's help! I was going to take a picture of the brush pile today and last night while I was at class, the city was in my neighborhood and picked them up. I am glad that they are gone! My Dad also bent my gutter back in place so hopefully that will hold for a while. My next big thing is finding a tree guy to get rid of the tree in the backyard and to take care of my other big trees that have limbs partially broken. I never want to go through another ice storm! This has been a huge mess!! It is also interfering with my plans for my tax refund! :-)

I guess I should get to business and do some studying.

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