Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pending vacation

I am excited about Monday morning as I will be on vacation for seven days! I am so ready for a break and have enough time to spend on my school work. I am also going to straighten my house up a little more and hopefully find the floor in my extra bedroom where I tend to store stuff I am unsure where to put. I am also hoping to fit in some scrapbooking too! The weather is supposed to be warming up next week too. I am so ready for that!

At the later part of my vacation, I am going to have my neices for a couple of days too!!! I am so excited about having them! They haven't gotten to spend the night since November because of my work/school schedule. I am going to try to plan some fun stuff for us to do!

I have to work tonight but I am not in charge tonight. I hope it is a good night!

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