Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cats are funny!

I got up early and dropped Pandora and Chloe at the vets to get groomed. Felix acts up to bad at the vets so his attitude got him out of this one! I am going to bath him myself! Felix was just sitting in the hallway looking at me as I packed his friends in there carrier and left with them. Then I came home without any cats and he seemed okay that his friends weren't home. When I went to pick his friends up and got home with Pandora and Chloe, they got greeted with hissing! Then he followed Pandora around with his nose stuck in Pandora's fur just sniffing her! I wonder if he thought I brought new cats home but he got over it quickly! It made me laugh for a while!

I didn't have class on Thursday and I remembered that Sims2 Seasons was released this week. I made a trip to Best Buy to get me a copy! While I was standing in line, a lady behind me was also getting the new EP! We talked about the sims a little before making our purchases. I got it loaded last night and played a little and then today when I put the CD in, it wanted to install it again. I just got that fixed and now looking forward to learn about the new EP!
I also learned today that Norton antivirus won't let you remove the software from your computer. It kept asking me for a password when I try to remove it. So, I brought my laptop to Best Buy tonight and told them how I tried to reload my PC-cillin antivirus but I couldn't get Norton to stop running even after turning it off. I was told that was common for Norton to lock it on your computer but he had a program that would remove it so I could install the other antivirus. Crazy! I couldn't remember when I started my subscription with PC-cillin and it was March 28, 2006 so it expires soon! At least it is finally loaded.

Last weekend I had my nieces for the weekend and we had fun together! Jasmine even told me it was the best weekend ever! :-) I was stressed out over this paper I had to write and couldn't seem to concentrate with those cuties in the house. On Sunday morning, I told them that they had to get there stuff together as I had to write a paper that was due the next day and I was taking them to Grandma's. My Mom called and said she would pick them up to save me time. I spent 8 hours at the Mudhouse so I wouldn't stray from the computer and wrote my paper! Phew! I just hope that I did okay on it.

It is a little chilly here. It is a perfect night to curl up in my waterbed! :-)

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