Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feel like creating . . . .

I have been wanting to create this week but haven't had the time with trying to get organized at home. I need to work on that when I get home to get ready for Circuit City! I went to the National Art shop and saw sooo many different things to create art with! Ahhhh, I think my scrapbooking has opened my eyes up to new possibilities that are out in this world and love the art world! The art of photography and graphic design appeal to me. The picture is what I have started so far but yet have had time to finish it.
I have also been wanting to create a banner for my blog also. I have gotten discouraged as I tried to switch my template to go with the blogger beta and every time I try to edit the HTML codes in beta, it tells me it can't read the code and then I remove my code to get my blog to work. I have placed the codes in several different places and get the same message. I am unsure on how to get a banner to work if I do stay with a beta template. I finally switched back so I can still have my additions that I have added to my blog. I find this rather frustrating. I am not going to give up on figuring this out but it is going to take me some time to have time to figure this out! :-)
Today is the official release of Macy Gray's album "Big"! I need to buy me an official copy! I have been listening to the album for a week now and love it! I just love her voice and style!
I had better get back to my studies and figure out what I need to accomplish this week.

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