Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Venting . . . . . .

I had a stressful afternoon with my first appointment! My first appointment was at 1450 which the receptionist told me I was 7 minutes late and they had to get approval from the doctor before being seen. I didn't even have to see the doctor but I said fine. I waited and waited and finally 40 minutes later I went and told them how long I had been waiting. They even have a sign that if you have been waiting over 30 minutes to tell the receptionist. People that came in after me were leaving!! She told me that the doctor hadn't responded to the approval but she had already checked me in. I went and sat back down. I thought I would be the next one called but NO!!! The med assistant came out and called someone else's name. I instantly jumped up and went to the receptionist again and was upset this time but quietly upset as to not cause a scene. She told me that he said he was going to call for me next and I told her he didn't. I went and sat back down. At this point I have been waiting 65 minutes! I call my hairdresser as it is time for that appointment and I am still in the waiting room. As I am telling her that I will be late, they call my name in an articulate tone. I didn't see that necessary! I kept quiet and had to wait about ten more minutes once I get back to the exam room. This has happened to me before when I am in there for an injection but why people that check in after me get called before me I am unsure why that happens. If I have an office appointment, I get in sooner. I was glad to get out of there today!!!!

I get to my hairdresser which was halfway across town and was 25 minutes late. She said she could still cut my hair but might not have time to style it. I was okay with that considering the circumstances. I am sooo glad that I was able to get my hair cut today! I had about 2 more inches cut off today which took my hair back to my shoulders. When I blow dry my hair, it has a natural flip to it and when it was a little bit longer it seemed to lay funny to me. Know it seems to lay better! Yay!

On an exciting note, there is only one more week till Macy Gray's new album comes out! I can't wait to hear it! :-)

I have blogged three times today which I believe is a record for me! I guess since I have been up since midnight, I just have had lots to say today.

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