Friday, March 16, 2007

Ready for a break . . .

I am so ready for spring break but I am unsure why we were given one. The only class that I have that is acknowledging spring break is my college algebra class and I like that class! The other two classes, I could do without - esp. Theories and Research! I just finished an online test and didn't do very good at all. It was even open book! I noticed tonight how I have two discussion boards due while I am on spring break and reading I have to do to answer them. I also have a paper due the Monday after spring break. I have been up since 4am studying today and I am going to do my best tomorrow to get the reading done to at least one of my discussion boards questions that is due next week. I am really not liking school at this moment!!!

One good school thing that did happen today was that I got an 88.5% on my College Algebra test but I wasn't able to get all the homework done because of being to busy with my other classes. I didn't get that bad of a grade even with missing a few of the homework problems.

While I was in class tonight, the tree people dropped my tree. They called me on my cell phone to tell me that they were there. They weren't supposed to come till Saturday. They left my stump up way to high. The guy is supposed to stop by my house in the morning so I will have to ask him if there was a reason for that. My yard is a bigger mess now! I will have to take pictures in the morning and post them. I never want to experience an ice storm again!

I am going to get my grumpy self in bed and curl up with my cats. :-)

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