Monday, March 12, 2007

Not the weekend I had planned . . .

I haven't gotten anything accomplished that I had planned other then shopping!!! :-) I was hoping that with this four day weekend I would be able to get caught up with my homework but it didn't happen. I couldn't seem to stay awake! That happens occasionally with working the night shift. I even went to the Mudhouse tonight to do some homework and I just couldn't concentrate! So I have been working on my reading and answering the discussion board question and working on college algebra while watching the Amazing Race all-stars.

The fun shopping that I did was at Best Buy! I finally made a decision on a mp3 player and got a Sansa e200 series, 2gb with expandable memory. I love it! I guess it is also called the lil' monsta! I even got a 2 month free trial of Rhapsody-to-go. I have always been a Napster member and not sure if I will keep it or not. When I first attached my mp3 player to my laptop, it loaded 1.5GB of music that I don't listen too. I deleted all of them and put my own on. One of the songs that was on my player was Avril Lavigne new song Girlfriend but in Japanese! I had to keep it as it is fun! For some reason I can't get it to transfer my Napster songs, it gives me some subscription code error. I emailed tech support and hopefully they can help me! Since I bought this mainly to have a more compact player to workout with, I had better make it to the gym this week!

One thing I have started this weekend is some minor cleaning. I hope to start doing a little bit everyday to get better organized and have a clean house all the time! I have gotten my kitchen cleaned up but that is a daily battle! I also started organizing my bathroom counter so I don't have everything on the counter! I have a basket that I keep stuff in but it has gotten overfilled so it is time to start throwing stuff out that I either don't use or is old. I need to get my books out that have little tips on organizing.

I also have been working on organizing my scrapbooking stuff. I have page planners that I have put coordinating patterned paper and cardstock. I got CK Easy Patterns special issue and I am excited about using some of them with these page planners I have put together. And now that I have a Cricut, it will be easier to put titles on my pages! :-) I hope to get some of these put together soon!
I found a cool idea on how to store unmounted rubber stamps on Donna Downey's blog today! I need to do make me one!

In one more week is spring break from school and I am also on vacation from work! I am excited about that! I will be using this week to catch up on reading and whatever else I need to do for school. I also hope to start balancing my checkbook again. I quit in Jan. 2006 really because I was busy. I actually didn't mean to stop balancing my checkbook. I like to follow a budget so I hope to get back on track with that again. I also hope to do some relaxing too! I hope the weather stays warm and I might have to get my bike out!

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