Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A fun morning

I finally got some sleep last night and woke up around 8am this morning. I signed into my Rhapsody account to see what was new in music and noticed that they already have Macy Gray's new album for download!!!!! I made breakfast while signing and dancing to her new album! I have it on my mp3 player already too! That was a nice thing to wake up to today! Macy Gray is the bomb!!! :-)

I was still having problems loading my Napster songs onto my new mp3 player so I called Rhapsody since the songs have been imported into there player. He told me that he couldn't help me as it had to do with the license of the songs. I called Napster and they told me that I had to use there player to download my songs. I never was able to get Napster to recognize my new player even though it is a player listed as Napster compatiable. I found out that my player has two different modes and it was in the wrong mode for Napster. I changed the mode and finally Napster recognized my player. Now when I sign into Rhapsody, it still recognizes my player but won't show the songs I downloaded while in the Rhapsody mode but they will still play. I decided to do a test transfer of one of my imported songs in the play for sure mode in my player, and my Napster song tranferred! It all had to do with my mp3 player. I am glad to have this all figured out! I just have to decide which one I will keep, which I am thinking it will be Napster even though they don't have albums out a week before they are out!

Today I am planning to relax and do some things around the house. I am hoping to take all this recycling to the center today. I am hoping to clean out my garage and maybe get the shovel out and turn my garden to get ready for planting soon. I would also like to get my flower bed in the backyard ready to plant flowers there soon. I had these ugly bushes there climbing my house and my Dad took them out for me last year. I will have to plant flowers that will tolerate shade. I am excited about getting these things done today and hope the allergies don't bother me to bad. I will have to listen to my mp3 player as I do the yard work and cleaning of the garage!

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