Friday, March 16, 2007

Better day

I still have ruffled feathers over school, but I am just going to do the best to get it all done so I can still enjoy my spring break. Anyway, enough about school.

I went out in my backyard and took the after pictures on how this tree looks. They had forgetten a rope in my back yard. The guy was coming over to my house to get payment this morning so he was able to get his rope. He told me that the tree wasn't easy to get down as it was a strong tree except for the weak spot that caused it to fall during the ice storm. They left the stump up higher than I thought they would. It comes up to my shoulders when I stand next to it. I still have a couple of trees that need trimming which I am still working on getting bids on. He gave me a bid today on them but it seemed pricey. I think I need to just get more estimates on that job before committing. I am still 3 weeks out on getting an estimate from a local company. I can tell with the whole tree down that I am going to have quite a bit more sun in my backyard.

I am still quite tired after yesterday and feel like a nap right now! I feel asleep with my laptop in my bed watching Grey's Anatomy season 2. I am totally in love with that show! I am understanding things better after watching season 1 and 2.

I came to the Mudhouse so I can work on homework, so I guess I should stop crusing the internet and get busy!

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