Monday, March 26, 2007

Wild day

My nieces spent the night last night and then this morning my sister calls me at 8am and she has my nieces half-sister and she is bringing her to my house. When they all three get together, they can be kinda wild! It wasn't to bad. I took them to lunch and then we spent the afternoon at the park. I was hoping for more photo opportunities but I did get a few good ones.

Circuit City called me today to set up my in-home setup with my new computer. They will be here on Wednesday morning! I need to get my bonus room organized and get my desk cleared off. I didn't get that much done today with the girls here so I will be busy getting organized for the firedog crew and also working on some homework tomorrow.

I have been cleaning and cleaning which I have made great progress. I have a problem with my mail as going through and getting what looks like actual mail and then the junk mail goes to the side for when I have time to shred it. I need to just do this everyday when I get my mail and not when I have a pile of it to deal with. My shredder got over heated yesterday and wouldn't work. It can't even take all this junk mail! I need to work on this.

I also got registered for the Summer and Fall semester's at school. I will be only taking one class this summer which will be online and then also working on the correspondence courses for history and then political science. Then this summer I will have two classes. I have been told that the BSN class I am taking this Fall is a busy one and also has clinical hours that I will have to fit in somehow. I have often thought about fitting all these classes in the next two semesters and then graduate in December but I am afraid it would be too much. I hope spreading them out will help me and not feel as time compromised as I have felt this semester on getting work done.

I am going to relax the rest of the evening and then go full swing into my school work tomorrow! Ohhh, and tomorrow is my youngest niece's birthday and she will be 10! I need to go shopping for her a birthday gift!

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