Saturday, March 10, 2007

In love with a bug!

I have been pondering on getting a Cricut for a little while now and finally took the plunge! I am soooo glad that I did! I am in love! :-) I had it at my kitchen table and now trying to find a place for it in my bonus room. I need to reorganize my scraproom so that will be a project I work on soon! I even went to Hobby Lobby today and they had one of the newer cartridges!! I can't wait to try it!

Also when I was at Hobby Lobby, I was noticing nice drawing tables that would be great for my scrapbooking projects! It would give me more room to work. I will have to see if any of them would work in my bonus room!

Later today I am getting me a new compact mp3 player! I am excited! I have been pondering them at Best Buy for awhile now. I was about to buy the small creative zen but then saw that the sandisk had the same features for the same price but had expandable memory! They didn't have that one in stock but it would be in tonight. I decided to go home and think about this first and glad that I did! I went to the website and compared the two and the sandisk is a better mp3 player! I have been wanting a more compact mp3 player to workout with. :-)

School this semester has been a little busier than I would like. I have decided that 13 hours is too much along with working full-time BUT I will graduate sooner! I only have 3 BSN and 4 prereq's which two I am taking by correspondence. I believe that my future semesters aren't going to be as bad. I just have to keep thinking that I really only have about 2 more months of this and then I will get a short break! Yeah!

I am going to turn some tunes on and then reorganize a little then hopefully get some rest! I have been a sleepy head today. I couldn't even stay awake at my allergy doctors today waiting to get my allergy shots! I don't understand why I am still awake actually. It has got to be the night shift gig that I have! :-)

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