Tuesday, March 13, 2007

WOOHOO!!!! The tree is coming down!!!!

The tree in my backyard that split in half during the ice storm is finally going to be coming down! I am excited! :-) Since I had other bids I was able to do a little price war. He first was $100 over a bid I got so I told home I had a bid for less so then he went below that bid and I said he could do it then! It might be Saturday when all this takes place and then I can get my backyard back! I am curious on how the sun is going to hit my backyard now. Before I had quite a bit of shade because of this tree and now I won't have as much, but will have some.
Last night at work was CRAZY! I couldn't keep up with the request of my patients last night and was doing the best I could. Phew! I have to work again tonight plus be in charge. I am not as excited about being in charge. I hope my team has calmed down for me tonight!

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Lisa said...

Wow that tree is amazing! Thank goodness it didn't hit your house. Glad you are finally getting it down.

Hope you have a good night! Its been crazy at work for me also!