Friday, January 26, 2007

Blogger Beta

I finally made the switch to blogger beta. I still haven't had time to see what it is all about. I just hope I don't regret it!

It has been two weeks since the ice storm hit and my yard is still a mess. I haven't been able to get things cleaned up. My neighbors seem to be able to get things cleaned up so fast and me I work full-time and currently going to school full-time and have to wait till I have a day off from school and work. I hope to be able to get things at least started soon.

I am still without any cable TV and can't get the local channels either. I have missed Days of Our Lives for two weeks now! I have also missed Grey's Anatomy but have learned that I can watch episodes on I will not miss any of those episodes! I called the cable company today as I received a bill and I don't have service. I was told that my account will be credited for the time I have been without cable. I talked to someone that was very pleasant and she even found out for me when they may be in my neighborhood. I called a few days ago and the lady started yelling at me . . . . I was told that I was to get a phone call within 72 hours and I have never received a phone call. I am glad that I got a pleasant person today and got more answers than I had asked for! I am just glad that I don't have cable internet or I would be in bad shape with my online classes!

I started school back up yesterday and it was a long day! I had ended up waking up at 3am and had to be at school from noon till 8pm. I was falling asleep by the end of the day! At least one of these classes is online I only have to met once a month! I have Theories and Research and College Algebra. So far so good! I just have a lot of reading to do and math to do!

I finished up my Diabetes Across the Lifespan class and I got an "A". Yeah! It ended up being a stressful class because of the ice storm. The school website was down for a few days and this class relied on the internet and blackboard. Our teacher gave us 48 hours after the website came up to get all of our work done that was past due. That was a little difficult for me as I worked part of those 48 hours. I finally got it done and then work hard, waking up early and not getting enough sleep for work and got alot of the work that was due by 10pm on Sunday. I even brought my laptop to work and worked on things during my break. It was rough getting all of this stuff done and working. I was got upset Monday morning when the teacher emailed us and told us that she was giving us a 24 hours extension! I worked so hard and lost sleep only to learn that we had an extension! I was glad that I had the work done though. I did have to work on the Discussion board that day to get all my points. It was a stresful few days!

I am going to finish watching Grey's Anatomy online! What a great feature! :-)

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