Sunday, February 01, 2009

What happened?

I have been in a blogging hiatus! I didn't mean to be but it happened. I am also way behind on answering emails. I don't know why these things get behind anymore but they do.

Since the beginning of the year I have taken on the quest of taking a picture everyday (POTD). This has all come from Becky Higgins kit Project 365. I am still waiting on my kit but I am ready!! I have been able to keep up so far but need the kit to be able to scrap them. I had a hard time coming up with a picture yesterday and finally just took a picture of Chloe and had some fun in Photoshop with her pic. Here is the result:

January 31, 2009

I used Courtney's actions that I got off flickr and they are nostalgia and pink nostalgia. I would like to learn the different steps on how to do this myself. I have a few books on Photoshop and really would like to work through them to see what I can learn. You can also google some things and find online tutorials.

I am taking my pup Phoebe to the grand opening of the Pet Hotel at Petsmart. I am curious what it is going to be like! Phoebe has attended pet training in the new area already. I really like it. I can let Phoebe run around in the area as we are doing the training class. I plan to bring my camera to make this my POTD! I hopefully will have pics later.

I am going to get busy with my day!


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