Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lion Kitty!!

Three years ago I took Chloe to get groomed and she had some tangles in her hair. They warned me that day that they may have to shave my cat. I didn't want them to but they said it might be the only way to take care of her tangles. They said that they would try to get the tangles out but they may shave her. They called me before picking her up that they did have to shave her and that I had a lion kitty. I vowed that I was never going to have her shaved again! That was tramatic for me and her!

Well, in December she was ill and I didn't realize it. She had a UTI and eleveated liver enzymes. I had to give her medicines for a month. The antibiotic three times a day for a couple of weeks. She wasn't a very happy kitty but it was to help her. I had taken the time to get her hair all combed out about the time this all happened. In a months time, she had gotten tangled on her belly. When I took Chloe to get her check up to see if the medicine was going to work, I was told that she may have to be shaved. I was determined to get these tangles out!! I realized her tangles were a little too much and decided it was best to get her shaved again. I couldn't believe that in a month's time her hair had gotten that bad of shape. She was mad at me for giving her medicine and she didn't want to be near me. I wasn't able to keep on top of her hair and keep it tangle free.


I took her in to get her shaved - a lion kitty cut! The last time they left her tail all fluffy and forget to tell them to leave it fluffy again this time. I went to pick up my kitty and she was so tiny without all that fur!! She was pretty mad! I didn't notice her tail right away but they shaved her tail all but the very end! It is cut like a lion! I just love petting her as it feels like velvet now!


After I picked her up at the vets, I took her to Petland to get her a sweater. They were still on sale and she was going to need one with the cold weather still upon us! I had Chloe on a leash and I took my lion kitty to Petland! The girl in the boutique loved Chloe and her lion kitty cut! She seemed to be more calm and I even had a cute sweater on her.


She wiggled out of her sweater later and it has warmed up some so I haven't put the sweater back on her. She has been sleeping real close to me some nights. I feel asleep last night and woke up with Chloe on my neck! It was funny and she was just happy! I am going to do my best for this not to happen again as I like my kitty best with all her fur! The groomer did tell me that they could shave her belly as that was were she was tangled the worst and she will stillhave most of her hair. I might consider it when her hair grows back.


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