Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wild chewing puppy!

Yesterday, Phoebe was a wild and crazy puppy! She was in trouble every time I turned around!! The biggest trouble she got in was chewing on my Blackberry Pearl! I had taken my phone with me to my bedroom and had it on my headboard. I had forgotten about it when I got up. When I went into my bedroom later, I found my phone on my bed and when I picked it up it was all chewed up and missing the back cover!! I found the back cover and was able to get it to fit again. Then the phone wouldn't unlock! I kept pushing the keys to unlock it over and over and finally it unlocked!! It appeared to be working. Phew!!

I made this my POTD for February 7.

February 7, 2009

I made a phone call on it and everything seemed to be working. I went to AT&T to find out what my options were just in case it stopped working. I am unable to change the volume on my phone. It seems to be at a good volume. If the volume gets turned down, then I would be unable to turn it up! In the store, I had opened the back of the phone to show the damage on the inside of the phone and he pointed out to me that it has had water damage. More like slobber damage!! The white sticker was now red. I have no insurance on the phone as they wouldn't let me get insurance on it. I find out yesterday that they allow insurance on my phone now but it is too late for me!! I could have upgraded but only get half the discount or I can wait till mid-May and get my full discount. Since I did get my phone to working again, I decided to wait. If for some reason the phone does quite working, I will have to go back to my old phone.

She was in a chewing mood yesterday. She got ahold of my wireless mouse and chewed on it. Now the scroll wheel seems to get stuck on something but will still turn. She loves her blue nyla bone but I couldn't find it yesterday. I finally found it late last night stuck inbetween my waterbed mattress and frame. She has been happier today with it!

It seems as today she has been making up for yesterday trying to be all cute! She does this funny thing with my covers and gets underneath them. Then she will poke her head through and lay all covered up on my bed! I was able to get a picture of it today!

I made this the POTD for February 8.

February 8, 2009

She wasn't listening to well to me today when we went to our pet training class though! I also had her nails done after class and she had a fit!!! I took her in December to have them done and she did good. This time she had a fit and they weren't going to do it. It took two of them but they did get it done. I really would like for her to let me use the pedi paws on her to save money. I have slowly been introducing her to tool but haven't worked up to actually using it on her.

I am at the Mudhouse and my allergies have decided to act up. I need to get home, relax and take some allergy medicine! :-)


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**** April **** said...

I saw a thing about the Pedi Paws done on two different local news shows -- called Deal or Dud ...and I forget the other... they both brought in different grooming facility owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace and said for the amount of stress those cause the dog and for the amount of time it takes to grind the nail down, they're not worth it over just traditional methods of snip, file done. Good luck. I'd first thought about getting one too but after that... I didn't.