Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrapbooking fun!!

I had a great time at the scrapbooking meetup last night! I enjoyed being able to scrapbook and meeting new friends!

I ended up going without any pictures. I was attempted to print some photos before leaving and for some reason it was taking about 10 minutes a photo! My printer has never taken that long before. It makes me wonder if I had a different setting selected that made it so slow. I need to start printing my pictures about once a month so this isn't an issue anymore. I need to go through and find pics for the LO's I did do. I was able to get 3 page kits done that I had brought. One was a Scrapjammies kit and the other two was from Scrapbook Generation. When I got home I added photos to the SJ kit I did but still haven't done the journaling.

This is the Exuberant kit from SJ and I thought it needed pics from Paris! These are all from the Eiffel Tower. I do miss the Eiffel Tower!


This is frustrating!! I cropped this image in photobucket but it keeps showing the original. If I go to photobucket, I can see the cropped image. It is what it is! :-)

I am having a hard time typing as I have a puppy that wants my attention! She keeps digging on my legs wanting me to pick her up. Then she cuddles in my arms and lays her head down. It is a little hard to type like that! I hope the weather will hold up today for a bit so I can take Phoebe out for a walk around the neighborhood.

I am off to get ready for my day!!


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janet said...

Love all the pictures, Jana! Great layout!