Saturday, January 03, 2009

A nice, relaxing warm day

Today has been an awesome day! I haven't had a good day like this in a long time. I am so glad that today worked out like it did.

I was woke up early by my darling pup. I really wanted to sleep longer but I took care of the furbabies. I stayed up and was catching up on my fave MB's. I took the time to read two others that I haven't visited in a couple of weeks. It was nice reconnecting with others on those MB's today. Then while I was enjoying my chatty time on the MB's, Phoebe was downstairs destroying another box of tissues. Silly pup!

January 3, 2009

This box of tissues wasn't shredded as much as what she did a couple of weeks ago! I can't take my eyes off her for to long or she is in some kind of trouble!

I got in the shower earlier than I normally do and was ready to leave the house by 1130. Very unusual for me! I called the LSS to take a class this afternoon and made 3, 2 page LO's. They are so adorable and they always have such create ideas! I can't wait to add photos to them. I had lunch at my favorite resaurant before going scrapping also.

Then after having a relaxing time at the LSS, I went home to get Phoebe and take her to the dog park. I figured there would be someone at the dog park and there were actually lots of little dogs today! Phoebe had a blast! We even saw 3 other pugs! I believe 2 of them Phoebe has meet before. We stayed there for about an hour and went back home.

I am now enjoying frozen coffee at my fave coffee shop while cruising the internet. I am starting to feel a little tired and thinking about doing my grocery shopping and heading home for the evening.

Work has been nuts lately. Last week the census was low because of the holiday but this week we are back to normal. I ended up with a suicide/detox pt that wasn't being very nice and was difficult to deal with. I had about had it with everything! When I went back to work a day later, I had a family member be a little difficult. I have got to have a better night at work!! I really hope that the next time I work, it will be better. I am looking forward to my 4 day weekend that is in a couple of weeks! I really need it!


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janet said...

Love the pic of the destroyed tissue box! Ahhh...puppies! So glad you had a great day. Well deserved after those crazy days at work. I hope you have a better night at work when you go back!