Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

It is a day late but I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I finally got Christmas cards sent out but everyone will get them after Christmas! I had to work Christmas Eve into Christmas. It was NUTS at work! We had 28 patients by morning! We can hold 33! I wasn't expecting it to be that busy. It was probably a good thing we were busy as I was pretty tired! I didn't get to leave till 0800. I fell asleep for about four hours and was up for the rest of the day and went to my parents house. My Grandma came over too so it was a nice family Christmas!

I am still have gallbladder issues and I had an US last week but I haven't had any results called to me! Of course there office is closed today so I am going to call them when I get off from work in the morning! At work we had a Christmas dinner that was free so I didn't pass it up but oh my! I didn't feel good the rest of the night from abd and back pain! I believe I will stick to low-fat to non-fat from know on!

I ought to take a nap before going to work. I slept 13 hours last night! :-)

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