Monday, December 05, 2005

Here comes Santa Claus . . .

I took my cats to see Santa today! I don't think Santa was very thrilled about the idea of three cats but we made it work! He was kinda grumpy and he wasn't even trying to keep the cats on his lap. I liked the Santa they had last year - he was happy! The cats did good and Pandora and Felix did share a cat carrier but it was a little crowded for them! While I was at Petsmart today I did get Chloe a new carrier - it is a bag that you can carry over your shoulder. She is petite enough that this works for her. My other cats I don't think it would work as well. Chloe gets to go to the vets office this month for her yearly check-up in her new carrier! :-)

I have felt somewhat better today but still just want to sleep all the time! It took all my energy taking three cats to see Santa today! I got home and was going to go to the Mudhouse and ended up falling asleep on my futon in the process of that thought! I ended up waking up two hours later with my contacts dried to my eyeball. Yuck! I got up and got my stuff ready to go to the Mudhouse to do some studying.

Today my DSL is supposed to be activated. I have no idea what time but I hope it will be up when I wake up this afternoon! I had to go buy a new phone cord since I have to run cords upstairs to keep my wireless internet. I wish I had a phone jack upstairs then I wouldn't have cords running everywhere! That is the one advantage to my cable internet but the price is going up since my contract expires this month and I can't see paying $60 a month for internet service! I hope that I am happy with SBC Yahoo! account!

I can't believe that it is almost 0400! I need to get to bed!

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