Sunday, December 18, 2005

Finals are over!

I am soo excited to announce that finals are over! I am so relieved that they are done! I am also excited that I have made A's in my classes this semester! I have been a 4.00 student this year! I just hope I can keep it up but I have a feeling that Pathophysiology is going to be challenging.

I went to the dentist this week for my bi-annual check up and I got disturbing news! My dentist has always told me how perfect my teeth are because I have never had a cavity. He told me that I would be prone to cavities because of the groves in my back teeth. Well, he found a cavity! I can't believe it! He has some kind of laser thing that detects cavities before they will be picked up in x-ray and the reading was 99. I have no clue what that means! My dentist told me that it is in the very early stages that he won't have to numb my mouth. I have never had any dental work done before so I am kinda scared on what to expect. I just want it over with.

I was looking forward to this weekend so I could relax and scrapbook but something always gets in the way. I have not been feeling very good this week because I believe my gallbladder is acting up! I am having pain in right upper quadrant that will radiate to my back and sometimes I all of a sudden feel like I am going to vomit! I have had pains off on on this year but they started back up near Thanksgiving and I was hoping they would go away but instead it is just getting worse! I seems as if the more movement I make the more uncomfortable my stomach feels. I might end up with having gallbladder surgery while I am on break from school. That just truly sucks!

Somehow time has gotten away and it is 2 a.m.! I got all my Christmas stuff out and it is in my living room. I will have to tackle putting the tree up tomorrow!

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