Thursday, April 26, 2007

The good things of being a nurse . . . .

The other night at work, I was getting compliments from my patients. That always makes you feel good and that you are doing a good job.

I had one patient thank me for understanding on why he was refusing to be on an insulin drip. His blood sugar was 98 and he had taken all his insulin's before coming to the hospital and he was afraid that his blood sugar would drop if he was on a continuous drip, and I was a little concerned too. I told him we would be checking his blood sugar often - at least every hour if not more. I told him that he did have the right to refuse if he was that uncomfortable. I went and set the glucommander up and let him know what the starting rate was and he decided that he wanted to wait and talk to his doctor about it in the morning and he wouldn't have a problem if he hadn't taken his insulin.

Then another patient that I had that night told me that she liked me as I was one of the nicer nurses and actually took time and talked with her even after I got done with what I was doing in the room. She also told me that I also would help the aides out as I didn't act like it was beneath me to help them. I told her that I believe that we are all here to take care of the patients as a team and that I try to help out when I can. She made my day with the nice things she said to me!

I just had to write these things down so when I am having a difficult day being a nurse, I can look back on this and remember the good things!


~Ane~ said...

Great job!!
It's always good to get compliments!!!

Angelbev said...

isn't it nice to have one of those days!! It seems it is the other kind we have most often!

Rosale said...

Hey those are great stories. Could you please tell me more about the glucommander?