Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fun day

Today is a great day as I don't really have any pending homework to get done! I would like to start on my research for my paper. I am going to search for research articles on DVT treatments and see what the research says about which treatment may be best. We occasionally get patients on our unit with DVT's most get IV heparin but then some just get Lovenox or Fragmin. I thought it would be a topic that I would be interested in.

Camp Scrap was good! I got to meet new scrappers and meet some scrappers I have meet at the LSS but hadn't seen in awhile. I actually didn't get much scrapping done. I only got 3 LO's done! I also need to get pictures for them. I guess they aren't completed yet. I ended up winning a prize!!!!! I won a photo box with a bunch of different flowers! Too cool! I was in another room when they were announcing and I thought that I had heard my name so I came running! He He!!! I was talking with a girl that digital scrapbooks and getting tips from her at the time! One of the prizes that I entered my name into was for items to make a flip-flop album. You take a pair of flip flops and that is the front and back of the album and then you make an accordian with paper in the shape of the flip-flops and that is your album! I have been trying to find instrustions on the internet but I think I studied it enough that I might be able to make me one!

After I got home, I was went on ebay to look for software. I was looking up Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The girl that I was talking to about digital scrapbooking was using Photoshop Elements 5.0 and she was showing us different stuff that we could do but I didn't have some of the features soooo she told me I should check ebay for it. I had never thought of checking ebay for software before but I found Photoshop Elements 5.0 for $34.95!!!! It was a buy me now option so I should get it sometime this week! I am excited about upgrading to 5.0!

I ended up sleeping till noon today but then didn't get to bed till 4am again! :-) I didn't have to wake up early for anything today so it was nice. I am going to do a little hanging out at Barnes and Noble today and maybe check out Hobby lobby and Michael's and see if there is anything worth using my coupon for. I also plan to do a little yardwork today and get my back patio looking better and get my furniture in better order back there so I can start enjoying it! I just might have to play the sims2 today with my newly upgraded video card! :-) I love days like this!

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