Sunday, April 08, 2007

I love being a techno girl!

I just love my new desktop! My poor laptop is probably feeling left out but it needs a break every now and then. I just love the TV tuner in my desktop. I was doing homework last night while watching HGTV. I am sure it slows down the homework process but it makes it a little more fun!

I really enjoy watching HGTV and getting ideas for decorating. I will have to watch this channel more and by the time I graduate, maybe I will have it figured out how to decorate my house! I was amazed by the people that flipped houses and making a profit of $150,000!!!!! My Dad told me that isn't happening right now with the market. I think it would be fun to redo a house and I live in a house that needs some updating. :-)

I am afraid that my photoshop elements 3.0 isn't compatible with Vista. When I was loading it into my desktop, I got a message that something wouldn't load because it wasn't compatible with the operating system. It opens up and acts like it was going to work fine. I am wondering if that is why my photos won't load as I can get them to load in the picture gallery that comes with Vista. I went to the Adobe website and there is a patch for PSE 5.0 but not for the 3.0. *sigh* I might need to upgrade or just use it on my laptop. I have redownloaded Picasa and made some collage's! This collage is of Jasmine's 10th b-day!

I have been slaving away at my homework and finally got my annotated bibliography done, the discussion board done and working with finding my online exam answers. My book doesn't have an index so trying to remember where I read stuff has been a little challenging! I have to have this all done by Tuesday by 0800! No sleep for me! I had better get busy . . . .

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Anonymous said...

it is compatiable, just click updates under support on ther website, then click on ALL PRODUCTS Scroll down under Digitial Editing, then on Premiere Elements 5.0 plus Adobe Premiere Elments 3.0. to the right is Vista update. click it. its in two different updates for each program. dosen't matter if you got the bundle or buy them separate. just click on the program that you have and download the patch