Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good ending to a hectic day, week!

I got to my College Algebra class and didn't feel ready for this test! We went over questions of the homework and I had trouble with continuously compounding interest. I could set up the problem but I wasn't able to get the answer in the back of the book! So, I was reading in the textbook and found out that I was to be using the ex key on my calculator. I didn't have one! I told my teacher that I didn't think I had one. So she took a look at my calculator and she confirmed that I didn't have that key. She let me borrow her calculator for the test. :-)

She normally teaches the next lesson and then we take the test but she didn't have a lesson to teach today. I didn't feel ready and was going to review a few things when she was teaching. :-/ When she passed out the test, I felt like I should have studied more! I was able to answer the last few questions easily and had to think hard about the other stuff. I couldn't remember the formula for growth/decay and I did some problems by trial and error instead of working them out as I couldn't remember how to redo the formula to come up with the answer! I left there thinking I had flunked the test but I thought that with my homework points and having good scores on the first two test that I should still do fine in the class. She posted our scores on Blackboard tonight and I was shocked when I saw that I made an 89.7%!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I am sooo happy so maybe if I can do good on the next test and the final I can pull an A! That would be great!
The matter I had this week with turning in homework late when I thought I was turning in on time is all good! My instructor did email me back later in the afternoon and told me that she would wasn't going to give me any late penalties for it! Yay! I ended up with an A in that class!

I actually still have some more homework to do that is due at 0800. Then after this homework is done I get to relax a little this weekend! I deserve it!

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