Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally . . . . .

A small break from the homework! I got all my stuff done for school at 3am and didn't go to bed till after 4am. I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning! I did need the extra sleep as I have been going to bed around 5am and waking up around 9am this week!

Finally, I get to scrapbook today at Camp Scrap with my sister! I am looking forward to actually getting to scrapbook. In February, I had made some kits plus have my Scrap Jammie kits too that I can work on. I also need to work on my Remember me kit club from a local scrapbook store. I just need to find pictures! That is my downfall! I need to hurry up and get my errands done so I can print pictures. My pictures have been a mess since having the two computers. I need to put them in a shared folder so I can access them from either computer with my ultra cool network! :-)

I need to get ready for my scrappy day!

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