Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching up

I have lots of catching up to do with homework this weekend. I thought that I had till April 16 to get assignments turned in for my Nursing in Ministry class and the instructor sent out a message that is was all due on April 10!!! I am also behind on my homework with College Algebra and Theories and Research. But before I know it, this semester is going to be over with! I can't wait. It has been a rough one!

I got new speakers for my desktop and I have been jammin' tonight! Mediacom is supposed to come out this afternoon and check the cable line in my bonus room. The TV reception isn't too bad but I was told by the firedog guy that I should be getting TV reception like I do on my TV. If the outlet was put in by someone other than the cable company, I will be out of luck!

I have been trying to load photos on my desktop and keep getting an error message before it finishes loading. I am not sure what is causing this! I even got my DVD I have photos backuped on and still no luck. ???? I hope I can figure this out so I can load photos!

Today is my last day of pet sitting which I will miss there cat Madison. She is sooo adorable and lovable! I won't miss the dog, Sam. If I have food in my hand, he will be happy to see me. If I don't, then I get growled at till he sees I am going to get his bowl to feed him. I finally started going out with his food and then I don't get growled at. The pictures is a collage of Madison and Sam.

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