Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Insurance changes, not for the better!

In January, my health insurance took a turn for the worse and raised our deductibles and also changed our prescription plan. The prescription plan is what has really gotten me upset. A little over two years ago I started having problems with gastric reflux and after testing found out that I had a hiatal hernia and have to rely on a proton pump inhibitor so I don't have constant heartburn. I was taking OTC Prilosec but still ended up with esophaghitis so I was switched to Nexium 40mg and have been doing fine for the most part. I was getting to were Nexium wasn't always holding me 24 hours.

On Saturday, I started generic Prilosec and I have been miserable ever since!!! I was asked at work today if I was getting a cold or had been sick but no it is my reflux making me cough! To be able to be on any prescription medicine, you have to get a precertification. If they take to long, I will have esophaghitis again. I left a message with my doctor this morning telling my symptoms and that I need relief! This is going to be a long day till I can take more of my medicine to get at least a few hours of relief! I hope that they call me back before I get asleep to good but I will be sleeping with the phone today if they don't!

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