Friday, October 28, 2005

Only 3 more days!

I am just a little bit excited about my up coming vacation! I plan on scrapbooking and possibly painting my kitchen if I get really ambitious! I have been able to sleep tonight as yesterday I slept 16 hours! OMG!!!! I don't remember that last time I got that much sleep! I had another one of my allergy attacks and I was worn out from it! Sneezing ought to be an aerobic activity! I also took two benadryl and went to sleep - and woke up with one of my cats on top of me probably wanting to be fed!

I went scrapbook shopping yesterday to hunt for papers to make my swaps that I am in. I was hoping to find more halloween stuff than what I did. I was going to go to Micheals and Hobby Lobby today but my sleeping stunt made that impossible! Hopefully next week when I am on vacation I can have a normal schedule! I am hoping to start working out next week and hopefully get back into that good habit I used to have!

School is going pretty good. I got an email yesterday about my group project and we were the bomb!!! My instructor said that we were the best group and even gave us extra credit! WOOHOO!!!!!! I was soo excited about this! We still have more to do on this project when our teacher post what the next step is but I am sure that we can do it! Statistics is okay. I was sitting at the Mudhouse last night to work on my homework and it probably spent two hours trying to figure out why I wasn't coming up with the same answer that the teacher came up with from the examples he gave us. For some reason it finally came to me what I was doing wrong! It was soo simple what I had done so I finally got about half of my homework done after I figured that out. I was in there studying for about 4 hours and couldn't take it anymore! I went home and finally balanced my check book! I hate it when I let my check book get that out of balance but it is all okay know!

I am going to work on some of my scrapbooking swaps so till next time . . . . . . .

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