Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Trash service and gas prices

I called my trash company today to send me more bags for my trash. I started using the bag service a couple of years ago since I don't have that much trash and it was cheaper for me to do it that way. Today I got told they weren't going to do that and that they will be picking up those bags till Dec. 31, 2005. I wondered why they didn't tell me before this. What if I had bags that would last me through next year? It has taken me 7 months to go through 15 bags! She told me the reason that they were cancelling the bag service was because of the gas prices and people in outlying communities that have this and don't put it out every week and that is wasting there gas. They still will have a bag service but I have to use my own bags and then it would be $7.50 a month but I would have a limit on how many bags I could put out. I told her I had to check around first and she told me I wasn't going to find anyone with bag service anymore. Well, I did! HA! From the other company I can get 30 bags and that would last me a whole year! As soon as I use my last bag with the other company, I am switching! :-)

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