Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Only 5 more days . . . . . .

Till my vacation from work! I can't wait! After last week and the way things happened last night at work I definitely need this vacation! Tuesday morning when I was finishing up my charting I couldn't get to during the night, the alaris pump people was coming in to start the transition to the new pumps! I might have an anxiety attack this weekend and end up on vacation earlier! I am going to feel soo stupid with these new pumps and the patients will wonder "She is my nurse? She doesn't even know how to program the IV pump?!". I am sure once I get used to the pumps it will all be fine -- just getting to that point is what is going to take me awhile. I will get it figured out this weekend and then be on vacation for almost two weeks and forget it all! AHHHH!!!!!! The same thing happened when we started computer charting earlier this year and I am doing fine with that know.

Has anyone every watched Laguna Beach? I watch that show mainly to see the ocean and all those gorgeous homes! I think I need to go there . . . . It makes me want to go on a vacation. Maybe I need to plan a vacation in January for my next vacation. I will have to check around and see what I can pull off! Maybe that would get me motivated to start working out and eating healthier!

I finally got my new fridge last week and it is kinda funny. I went grocery shopping and the fridge still looks bare! He He!!! Ever since getting this new fridge, which is white to go with my Coca-Cola kitchen, I am getting motivated to paint my kitchen! Currently the walls are still the same as when I moved in which are a pale green with this UGLY wallpaper border! The floor is an off white with some kind of design and it looks dirty next to a white fridge. Maybe my fridge breaking down will cause me to get started on working on my kitchen!

I thought I was going to get some homework done when I got on the computer but that hasn't happened. I also need to balance my check book. That has become a major chore to me anymore! I used to stay on top of it but not anymore! I am just enjoying the tunes I have downloaded (legally) on my windows media player. I am excited cause I actually have two more days off till I have to return to work and I am going to leisurely do my homework and then do some scrapbook shopping for some swaps I am in. :-) I guess I should be more productive and get some things done before going to bed!

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